Caution: opening this briefcase will unleash a world of mystery and intrigue,

of conspiracy and threats, of lies, forgeries, deceit and murder. Within your

hands is The Minority Report. You now hold the power to decode the thrilling

conspiracy originally chronicled in Phillip K Dick’s short story.

Presented as a 1960s CIA case file, The Minority Report is designed as a cinematic reading experience, which positions the reader in the shoes of the story’s protagonist, as they unpack a briefcase of top secret paraphernalia. The reader’s journey is guided by solving a series of codes triggering cassette tape recordings, videos, analysing documents and unpacking envelopes of evidence. This immersive experience engages all the senses; the muskiness of an old briefcase, the tactility of letterpressed confidential files, the crackling of tapes and the fragility of worn paper ultimately lead to a memorable adventure investigating The Minority Report.

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